Creating Magic -for holidays & special occasions

It's come to my attention that not everyone has 'magic' in their Holidays & special occasions like my family always created. A lot of families get together & congregate around the same television or tree, but they don't create "Magic". My family may not have always agreed or gotten along, but when it came to the holidays, we always had ✨"Magic" ✨

I'm really missing my family as we have all moved to different states, spread out across the nation & we haven't been able to be together like we used to, the last few years. And I was wondering what exactly I'm missing besides their company, banter & laughter. And it got me to thinking about that magical feeling that surrounds the Holidays & starts with Halloween this time of year. But it really doesn't stop there for me. My family always celebrated Everything. It was fun to come home to unexpected surprises once in a while, when my mom made a special day out of an ordinary one.

My mom knew how to make even every minor holiday or first or last day of school, or a milestone like getting your period (LOL) a special & celebratory thing! And she passed that on to my sister & I. And honestly we have taken that skill & gift to other levels & included our friendships & our business connections. We "know" how to make people we care about feel very special. And it really doesn't take much or have to be expensive.

There's nothing special or magical or memorable about having an incredible meal that takes a lot of time & love to create like Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter or whenever, and turn it into a 'pot luck paper plate fest' sitting on couches in front of the TV.

Here's the things to keep in mind if you want to kick up your holidays with some added "magic".

* Make it special, not the same thing as everyone sees every other day. Decorate your home or just the table even if you have to have multiple tables to accommodate everyone. Light candles, use the special plates, glasses, table clothes & napkins. You can make "Magic" ANY day of the year, any special day for your kids or spouse. Did they get a special award or promotion? MAKE IT SPECIAL & CELEBRATE IT!

* Changing the scene/decor/make a"feeling" in the room

Decorate! Light candles, string lights, music suited to the theme of the holiday, and make special decorations, or rearrange furniture.

You know how it feels when you get the Christmas tree up & you walk into the room or rooms where they are... there's just a sense of awe & appreciation & yes, Magic! It feels differently delightful somehow. You can do that for any holiday or any day of the year!

* Special food/meal

Make a tradition. Even on Halloween when my son was growing up we ALWAYS had chili dogs & homemade onion rings for dinner before he embarked on trick or treating. The table was always decorated & there was always some unique way of displaying the food. While I was doing things inside, my husband was decorating the yard & garage to create a fun space for all of our sons friends & neighborhood kids to come to for an "experience". We always carved pumpkins the night before & we just knew that certain things would always be a part of Halloween or Valentine's Day or any other holiday! Make it something to look forward to!

*Dressing up- it doesn't have to be a costume but even putting on a special outfit or dressing in your finest threads even if you're staying at home, you'll remember the times you did that!

ANYTHING to make the occasion NOT ORDINARY.

*Gifts or special additives

If you can bring home, flowers, candy or a silly little gift, it will stamp any day with some "special". Some cheap little goofy stick-on mustaches made for a lot of laughter at one of my families gatherings one year. Maybe make it a tradition to play a certain game to get everyone away from the TV & focused a little more on each other for a little while. But if you are going to have holidays centered around the TV, make sure everyone feels included. Sports for the guys in one room & movies for the girls in another, or make an agreement on a certain family favorite movie every year that EVERYONE can love. My family always watches Christmas Vacation every year after Thanksgiving dinner. We can quote every line & we laugh so much & so hard. Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving for me unless I get to watch it!


Just give a little extra! It makes things memorable. This is something that doesn't cost a thing, but shows how much you love someone, how much feeling you have for them. I'm talking between couples or between family & friends. And if there's someone new or newer, who hasn't been a part of the family or group as long as everyone else, please do what you can to include them & let them know they are special & not just a guest. Allow them to bring their brand of special or celebration to the table, ask them how they like to celebrate. Allow them to cook or do the table dressing so they feel they have had a real part in this new thing they are a part of.

Make special times an "Experience" for your loved ones & I can promise you, it will always be remembered & then ... you have created REAL memories. Otherwise one year & each holiday just meld into one ongoing "same old same old" memory.

Thank you to my mom whom I text with tears this morning as I thanked her for the hundreds of special memories she created which inspired me to do the same for my family & I wouldn't trade those flashbacks for anything!

Happy Halloween

& Holiday Season

Make It Special!

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