I think sometimes you do have to "un-become" everything you once were, in order to reveal who you are deep down, that you forgot about because you made other choices. Choices you wanted to make at the time, but maybe you didn't know where they were going to take you. Mine took me wonderful places. I became a mom & a wife & a home owner & a trail blazer in my industry & a business owner. I wouldn't change one of those experiences for ANYTHING! They were seriously magical times of my life. There were times I needed to pinch myself because I couldn't believe how lucky I was, or how smart I had become. I was so ahead of the curve when I built my business that everything I did from that point forward propelled me even further in front of anyone else. The decisions I was making, the opportunities I was taking on (whether I knew what I was doing or not) pushed me to become more than I was the day or the week, or month before. I was hungry for all of it. It built my confidence & that confidence showed & it attracted others to me.

So I look back on those times & realize that I built my own formula for success. And I now know I can do it again when I decide to. But right now I am still "un-becoming."

I have been working on it for a few years now. Just "BE-ing" so I can let all the other parts of me come to the surface. I'm lucky I have the opportunity that my sweetheart can take care of me while I rest, replenish and rejuvenate. I know I am fortunate for this time in my life. I am extremely grateful.

#unbecoming #authenticself #journey #trailblazer #businessowner #formulaforsuccess

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Tami Scott / Arizona