For nearly 30 years I was a successful hair & makeup artist.

I did everything I could have ever dreamed that I would accomplish. I was very fortunate to have so many opportunities & blessings in life. Somehow my soul always knew where to take me next. I could always count on it to speak loudly & tell me, "Go this way next" or "Take this turn." Most of the time those decisions were ones that others, looking on, would say were risks they would never take.

I've learned to trust myself & know that when I get that soul nudge, to weigh everything out, but know... I'm going to be making a jump into uncharted territory.

I always learn. I always grow. And I learn to navigate new terrain. My gratitude for it all, is massive.

I'm here now on this site & blog to share those adventures with you. I hope through my stories, you are inspired to know anything is possible & to also maybe take risks in your own life, to live what your soul begs of you. To listen to your inner voice, your higher self or when spirit speaks to you. You'll know when that happens, it's undeniable. And if you aren't sure, it will keep repeating itself until you do know! I'm here to let you know, you aren't the only one.

So take a journey with me. I am grateful you are here!

Love Onward,

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Tami Scott / Arizona